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“I think what attracted us to TIPLER was they saw our vision, where we wanted to go with our home and what we wanted it to be for years to come. They have their own in-house design team, their own contractor, so it was kind of like a one stop shop. We didn’t have to drive around to different stores and different shops—things like that—to make selections. Their design team actually went out, did all the investigating for us, brought it back to their design studio here to fit it in with the stuff they already had on site. It goes back to that complete turn-key service where it’s from all the way back to site selection to you walking in your door and your house is 100% ready to go. Their top priority is to make sure you’re 100% happy with your home. They really had a respect for our time, so it wasn’t wasted time when we came into the office. Everything was prepared, everything was laid out.”

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