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Design trends for the decade ahead

New decade, new look is the mantra for many but it’s often difficult to have the confidence to make major changes in color schemes and accents throughout your home.

Luckily TIPLER’s Head of Design, Alexa Hosner, is here to share some of the trends to incorporate into your interior design this year.

Colors and wall coverings

Wallpaper is one to watch this year – boring is out and maximalism is in! We’ve had several years of subtle wall coverings sitting quietly in the background, often on one accent wall. Well that’s changing this year and it’s time for even bolder statements. 

According to Sherwin-Williams, people want color schemes based on feelings, with calmness and tranquility being key. It looks like we’re right on trend with our newly redecorated TIPLER office, where we’ve utilized Naval SW6244 throughout, which has just been announced as the Sherwin-Williams 2020 color of the year

Neutrals and natural textiles

These are still favored in 2020, however you’ll see them paired with earth tones trending towards softer living and less ridged lines. 

Another key theme for the decade ahead is authenticity and longevity. Throwaway culture is out. Investing in key pieces that represent craftsmanship and lasting memories not only looks great but will keep fast-fashion/design out of landfills!

Stronger accents

Accessories will accent spaces with purposeful placement, allowing for bolder prints and colors to take to the stage.

This incorporation of statements brings us to our honorable mentions.  Drum roll please!

Black and white schemes and plenty of velvets, especially in jewel tones.

Look out for these themes making an appearance in our designs in the months to come or visit TIPLER Design for more inspiration.

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