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TIPLER featuring at TecHome Builder Summit 2020

Our design team was recently approached by Colorbeam to showcase one of our design and build projects at this year’s TecHome Builder Summit. We were delighted to be able to assist and selected a stunning home nearing completion in the development of Woodforest, TX. The owner was happy to invite the cameras into their property to see how the lighting installation truly brings their home to life.

Tunable, controllable, low voltage

Better lighting plays an important role in people’s lives and so our team has been working with Colorbeam for the past two years to integrate into our home designs.

As lighting evolves into the digital age, Colorbeam strives to continuously innovate its software technology and expand its fixture selection to provide designers with the most technologically advanced lighting solutions that offer the most sophisticated lifestyle, wellness, and energy efficient benefits to homeowners.

The cutting edge product drives the ability to deliver any mood setting or proper task lighting at any time of day. Research continues to prove that sleep patterns, mood, and general health are linked to the lighting we are exposed to and Colorbeam’s ability to mimic the sun’s natural light will continue to play a key role in enhancing health – something our clients love.

Commenting on Colorbeam Lighting, Justin Tipler said: “We research every selection thoroughly throughout the design process, from flooring to home technology, and lighting control has become a critical element of this process. We love the benefits that Colorbeam brings to our clients’ homes, allowing them to literally dress their home and set a scene depending on their mood, their lifestyle and any social event they are hosting. This product is of real added value to the design of their home and will continue to deliver benefits to the owners for years to come.”

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