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New partnership brings luxury vacation homes to Bahamas

Luxury developer and builder, TIPLER Group, has partnered with one of the Bahamas leading Design and Build companies, Colman Design, to develop a number of new luxury residential projects on the unspoiled and pristine Bahamian island of Eleuthera

The combined group have completed numerous successful luxury developments in award winning destinations, both in the Bahamas and the US over the past 15 years. This new partnership between Colman Design and TIPLER Group creates a formidable force, providing a truly turnkey service, based on experience, knowledge and exceptional client service, to local and international clients. The dedicated offering on Eleuthera will include land planning, architectural design, procurement, construction, project management and interior design.

Eleuthera is the fourth largest island in the Bahamas archipelago and just a 45 minute flight from the US, with unrivaled pink sand beaches and a friendly and welcoming local population of just 11,000 spread along its 110 mile length. The Bahamas as a destination has a history of peace and natural beauty, and a stable and supportive Government which has been independent since 1973.

The Partnership is currently in the land planning and architectural development stages on a number of exciting projects which include luxury beachfront villas and mixed use neighborhoods. Developments will be sensitive to the environment and will include battery powered homes featuring leading edge energy management and solar powered technology, ensuring reliability to homeowners. In addition to projects in Eleuthera, the Partnership provides design and construction services to islands throughout the Bahamas.

Justin Tipler founder and CEO of TIPLER Group commented: “Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to spend a considerable amount of time on the island of Eleuthera and have recognized for a very long time the special qualities and the unique experiences this destination offers its visitors. We are delighted to be partnering with Colman Design and the team at TIPLER looks forward to creating unique developments to further enhance this stunning location, whilst supporting the local communities on Eleuthera and other family islands.

Bob Colman, CEO of Colman Design , adds: “Eleuthera is a unique location which has managed to maintain a feeling of remoteness, while being accessible to visitors. Guests come to the Island due to its outstanding beauty and understated development and this is something we wish to maintain through careful design which compliments the natural surroundings.  We have known Justin Tipler for many years and are confident he understands the local environment and culture. This knowledge, combined with his experience of designing luxury properties for the US market makes TIPLER Group the natural partner for Colman Design.”

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