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Tipler Group to Build First Battery-Powered Home in Houston


TIPLER Partners with PanTech Design, Creators of Adapt Energy

Houston and Dallas, TX — TIPLER Group (“TIPLER”) has partnered with PanTech Design, creators of Adapt Energy, a unique energy automation system, which is essential to building the first battery-powered homes in Houston at Woodforest’s Pine Island. This TIPLER partnership advances the evolution of smart energy to a core component of providing energy management, control and security, while at the same time reducing cost. Through the Adapt Energy partnership, TIPLER luxury homeowners can monitor their energy usage and control circuit breakers to optimize the performance of the sonnen ecoLinx battery to store energy and power the home. 

Energy automation is a combination of different technolgies that provide power solutions in homes. However, the technology is less about what it is and more about what it does for a homeowner. Homeowners can receive severe weather alerts, create schedules and power profiles based off usage and events to ultimately reduce energy cost, guarantee clean energy, and simultaneously prepare for power outages with the ability to operate off the grid.

In addition to storing energy from the grid, it also manages electricity usage to deliver a more efficient home energy system. Additionally, it anticipates outages by storing energy in the sonnen ecoLinx battery, which can power the home for extended periods of time, during grid electricity disruptions. Most importantly, Adapt Energy coupled with the sonnen ecoLinx battery, puts control directly in the hands of the homeowner with an intuitive mobile software app. TIPLER homes equipped with Adapt Energy provide homeowners with security, comfort, and efficiency.

Commenting on the PanTech Design partnership, Justin Tipler, CEO and founder of TIPLER Group, said, “Adapt Energy provides cutting-edge technology that is leading the way in home energy automation. This is a natural fit for us because their forward-thinking mentality matches our progressive client commitment in design, build, service and technology without compromising quality.” He added, “As the first battery-powered luxury homebuilder in Houston, this partnership is tremendously exciting for our company, everyone at Pine Island in Woodforest, and our partners throughout Texas.”   

“This relationship is groundbreaking for the future of energy in the home. We couldn’t be more excited about working with a company who is bold enough to step into the next evolution of home energy design.” Troy Morgan, CEO of PanTech Design, remarked. “We are confident that Adapt Energy will deliver an unprecedented level of value, security, and comfort to TIPLER home buyers.”


TIPLER is a luxury design and build firm that provides architectural design, construction, interior design and furnishing services. TIPLER’s talented team of architects, designers and construction experts present a collective strength and client-focused synergy. TIPLER has gained recognition for productive partnerships with developers and clients at numerous prestigious Texas communities including Carlton Woods, and Boot Ranch. TIPLER Group is led by CEO and Founder Justin Tipler with Texas offices in Houston, Austin and The Woodlands. For information, please visit

About Adapt Energy (PanTech Design)

PanTech Design is a veteran software development firm specializing in residential automation systems and are the creators of Adapt for Crestron® and Adapt Energy. For more information, please visit

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