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The owner wished to renovate existing space of a previous Midtown restaurant, and utilize the general layout and some existing furnishings. The concept was to bring a fresh, fun, bright, and colorful space for guests to eat, socialize and enjoy.

Refinishing some existing pieces, white washing the brick walls, replacing light fixtures and some furnishing, adding colorful tile, and enhancing graphics and art have reinvented the spaces.

A refurbished Volkswagon camper van was sprayed pink, and utilized on the front patio to serve tacos out of to evening bar hopping patrons.

Upstairs the bar, Spare Key, also got a facelift, with a whimsical wall décor and custom wall graphics and accessories, reupholstered bench seating from the original restaurant below, and new bar seating and lighting.  A teal stripe painted on the stairs leading from the Stoked patio below directs patrons upstairs to the Spare Key bar, which has a unique vibe and feel all of its own.

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